From the very first syringe produced, Luzzani Dental has always aimed at utmost perfection. The advanced technologies that make up the company’s equipment make it possible to verify it in every detail, all the syringes are in fact checked one by one to ensure impeccable aesthetics and full functionality. Quality tests are carried out throughout the supply chain to validate each step of their implementation. From the selection of raw materials, which can be fully traced, to the various production phases, to assembly and shipment, everything is controlled strictly. Thanks to these good business practices, Luzzani Dental has been awarded important certifications, which ensure total reliability. Among these is UNI EN ISO 13485, which certifies the quality standard for design, manufacture of medical devices and international trade.


In addition to product quality, Luzzani Dental also offers first-class services. Our staff is prepared to take care of the customers and meet their needs fully, directing them towards the best solutions available. Once production is complete, the syringes are shipped and delivered to the customer intact and ready for operation. The packaging that wraps and encases them ensures protection from any damage during shipping.